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From One Network To The Other: The ICN Creates iPhone Food Application

I still use a Blackberry. Enough said?
Do not judge me. I love my old phone for two reasons. One, because it shares its name with my favorite berry, and two, every morning my phone stares back at me like an adopted twenty year old dog. The screen has more scratches than a Run DMC record, and the numbers are worn like the handle of my ping-pong paddle. The battery is held in place by a tiny piece of cardboard, and every time I set the phone down it seems to re-boot itself.

Some think that it is time for an upgrade. However, my mobile provider thinks otherwise. So while everyone, including infants, save the world using their 4G network, I will continue to use my Blackberry to prop open the back door, allowing the air of spring to drift in and settle gently next to me. Can your phone do that?
Are you wondering how cell phones relate to Interstitial Cystitis? Until yesterday, I figured the two were as far apart as Tim Tebow and Lindsey Lohan. But after reading how Jill Osborne and her amazing team at the Interstitial Cystitis Network have created the first IC Food List APP through the iTunes App store, I realized they were meant to be. I mean seriously, who else would you send to give Lindsey a motivational speech other than Tebow? It makes sense, right?
The Interstitial Cystitis Network has designed this iPhone and iPad application to add convenience to an otherwise inconvenient situation. Whether you are at the grocery store, a restaurant, or watching food television programs, the mobile ICN Food List helps you research ingredients instantly, allowing you to determine the possibility of flares. In addition, for the first time ever, wine, beer, and spirits are also included in the list. The ICN Food List is extremely affordable at a one-time purchase of .99 cents. WARNING! Dollar stores do not carry this product.
I usually do not endorse products. But this idea is perfect. I wonder why I did not think of it. Maybe my Blackberry should be used to prop open other doors, perhaps my brain? There is still eleven months and thirteen days before my cell phone provider will allow me to upgrade. Nevertheless, for those of you using an iPhone or iPad time is officially a wasting!

What is Interstitial Cystitis?

Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a condition that results in recurring discomfort or pain in the bladder and the surrounding pelvic region. The symptoms vary from case to case....

What causes IC?

Some of the symptoms of IC/PBS resemble those of bacterial infection, but medical tests reveal no organisms in the urine of people with IC/PBS...

How is IC diagnosed?

Because symptoms are similar to those of other disorders of the bladder and there is no definitive test to identify IC/PBS, doctors must rule out other treatable conditions before considering a diagnosis of IC/PBS...

What are treatments for IC?

Scientists have not yet found a cure for IC/PBS, nor can they predict who will respond best to which treatment. Symptoms may disappear with a change in diet or treatments or without explanation...

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