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Support In the Home

Being raised in a single parent home, our mother acted as both our father and our mother.  It is safe to say she was our rock and our support. I could not imagine my mother accomplishing all she did in a day’s time if she had Interstitial Cystitis. Between all the athletic practices, prepared meals, doctor appointments, and school activities, there was very little time for my mother to take special care of herself. With 4 million people in the United States, living with Interstitial Cystitis it is undoubtedly important that a support system be present in the home.

I was touched by an experience I had with one man - let us call him John.  John’s wife was diagnosed years ago with Interstitial Cystitis and the battle to maintain an active and joyful life had become such a struggle. When I entered his home, I was welcomed with a sense of eagerness to learn more about food and how a better diet could increase their chances of sustaining an energetic lifestyle. He carefully recorded every word I spoke on a note pad near by.  He and his wife together followed along with questions and an enthusiasm to work hands on. The night was a success our relationship has flourished ever since.

To trust and compile a new outlook with your diet is difficult for anyone, but the importance of supporting your spouse is paramount when attempting to embark on such a journey. Begin here with me as I walk you through many ways to increase awareness and give you the tools to enjoy the life you miss.

Party Time - How to Eat with the Rest of Them

We have all come across one of those sophisticated, cream colored, heavy weighted envelopes containing an invite to either a wedding, anniversary, or even a super bowl party. I know some who would react with excitement, wondering if they might be the next bridesmaid. Except I know there is fine print behind the stylish coating, like the classic; bring your dancing shoes. You may love to dance. I simply do not. However, I do love to cook, if the fine print were to request that I bring a dish to the party, I would ironically say, “let’s dance.”

Wouldn't it be great to bring an IC entree to a average party instead of having to avoid bringing a dish? Preparing a delicious and IC safe dish is easier than you would think.

Stay away from casseroles; they are as boring as a Ben Steins voice mail.  Instead, think outside the box.

Finger foods are perfect at parties; they are easy to eat, easy to hold, and easy to discard. Meat is often a close companion to anyone with IC, making it the perfect option. Marinate chicken or beef using olive oil and your favorite herbs and spices, then skewer and grill them to perfection, served with the perfect pesto you are talking some serious flavor.

Abandon the deviled egg and as an alternative plate up some poached seasoned shrimp on cucumber slices. Do not even think about pigs in a blanket. If you want to impress try stuffing button mushrooms with ground veal and basil.

If you utilize these new finger food ideas, you will send shock waves through any party. However, be careful, with food this delicious the fine print is subject to change.

Chocolate Lovers Unite!

That box of See’s milk chocolate in your drawer; full of paper clips and safety pins. Once the box contained decadent treats waiting to be enjoyed, now you fill it with your loose miscellaneous items. Knowing that your sweet tooth can sneak up at any minute, there must be something to satisfy your craving! White chocolate can come to the rescue.

White chocolate does not contain caffeine, unlike milk chocolate, and you can still obtain a sugar rush. This makes white chocolate very pleasing and acceptable for those with Interstitial Cystitis. Before you run off to the store and buy up all their stock, try making - safe to eat - candies at home.

White chocolate can be difficult to work with. When melted, the cocoa butter in the chocolate can separate and create an oily mess that can be fixed by whisking in a little melted butter or melted chocolate. I also learned, in the restaurant, that chocolates arch nemesis is water. One drop can turn your chocolate into a lumpy, grainy mess. Yet again, you can save it by adding melted butter or melted chocolate.

You can purchase white chocolate in large or smalls bricks; however trying to break down these large masses of chocolate proves to be difficult as well as dangerous. I recommend buying white chocolate chips.

You can prepare white chocolate in any way you use chocolate. You have never had a brownie until you have sunk your teeth into one with white chocolate. Add nuts for texture or flavor and you have yourself a safe indulgence.

Search my recipes for white chocolate brownies and dried fruit candies.

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