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Ollie Ollie Gluten-Free

In Chicago, they prefer the deep-dish pizza to the thin, wide and foldable pizza found in New York. If you are an individual who maintains a gluten-free diet, then your liking for pizza dough descends into a much deeper rabbit hole.

Weather you prefer Chicago style or New York style crust, both dough’s are elastic and tossed just the same. The classic gooeyness originates from gluten, which is in fact not present in freshly milled flours.  Gluten is formed when liquid is added to flour that contains glutenin and gliadin. You can mimic gluten with the use of xanthan gum, guar gum, or gelatin when following a gluten-free flour recipe. If you are weary of using xanthan gum, gelatin is a safer option, simply double the amount of gelatin to xanthan gum.

A gluten-free diet is never a dead end.  There are plenty of ways to enjoy cake, pizza, thick soups, and breads while avoiding flares. You can find a list of gluten/wheat-free flours here

Buffalo is What’s for Dinner

Leaner than beef, buffalo (also referred to as Bison) is a healthy alternative to the common red meat. Buffalo contains more iron and more protein, and far less fat, calories, and cholesterol than salmon, pork, beef, or chicken (per 100 gram serving). In addition, buffaloe's are naturally resistant to disease and grow faster than domestic animals; they do not need all the antibiotics and growth hormones that are typically given to beef cattle.

So why are people not sinking their teeth into buffalo?  That is because back in the late 1800's, millions of buffaloes were slaughtered and nearly became extinct. Today buffaloes are being farm raised on private ranches and the numbers are back up to 250 thousand. Still the exposure of buffalo is in the hands of large steakhouse chains, and roughneck ranchers.  If you don’t live in a rural country area, chances are you grew up with good Ole ground beef and the only buffalo you may have seen was the prince, in Beauty and The Beast.

Nutrition is not the only reasons why I say you should eat buffalo. Buffalo meat is sweeter and richer than beef. Even though buffalo contains 70% less fat, they are similar in tenderness and flavor. Buffalo's are raised in grasslands and eat the natural grass; this ensures the flavor is far better and more natural than farm raised cattle.

So tonight when you ask the butcher for your first pound of ground buffalo, keep a few things in mind.

1. Buffalo cooks much faster than beef because of the lack of natural fat.
2. Buffaloes share the same muscle group as cattle. Simply use buffalo in any dish like you would with beef.
4. There is no “gamy flavor” with buffalo, so a buffaloes flavor can be lost if you use many spices.
5. Does anyone watch American Idol anymore?

Full of Bull - Foods that Give You Wings

Energy does not come in a machine or a can.  Real energy will get you moving throughout the day faster than a Bow-Flex or Red Bull. Energy has little to do with outputs like endurance or strength, but more importantly with inputs like food and hydration. It is more exciting for me to eat an apple, than it is to chase one. I survived my latest marathon because of the water and carbohydrates I squeezed down my gullet.

Filling your belly with energy-enriched foods is like pouring gas on a fire, your body will beg you to burn it up.  Avoid drinking liquid sugar like store bought juice or energy drinks; these are the last thing you need when you are trying to increase your energy. Try to consume at least eight glasses of water per day.

Fast food is not food. Therefore, it is not energy. Think of fast food as a spoon dipped in grease, then placed on your tongue, and squeezed into your arteries. Eat fiber-rich fruits: avocados, blueberries, apples, pears, vegetables: beans, broccoli, cabbage, greens, and mushrooms. Your energy levels will increase and you will accomplish much more.

Eat healthy fats. Most people consume saturated fats and very little healthy fats. Healthy fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are found in fish, olive oil, raw almonds, safflower oil, and avocados.

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