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Carnivores v. Vegetarians




– noun

1. a human that eats meat of any kind and loves it.

I am a Carnivorian, which is a fictitious word that I created to add credibility to us meat eaters. With that said, my wife is a vegetarian and until last month so was my mother. I understand their reasons for being veggie heads and I greatly support their choice, but I have to have my meat.

The truth is that too much of anything can be harmful, not just meat. Therefore, I recommend that you eat vegetables with every meat dish because both supply you with necessary vitamins and minerals. Those who maintain a strict vegetarian diet must digest supplements to compensate for the loss of the essentials that meat can provide. However, there is a difference between healthy and unhealthy meats.

Organic is the healthiest option for any meat eater. For any farmer or food manufacturer to label their product as organic they must abide by strict USDA guidelines ranging from the use of natural fertilizers, insects and birds to reduce pests, organic feed, rotational grazing, and clean housing to help minimize disease. These may seem like common sense practices, but unfortunately, for non-organic products, they are not.

Eating leaner meats is another way to look right through the deception. According to the USDA, lean beef has fewer than 10 g of fat, 4.5 g or fewer of saturated fat and fewer than 95 mg of cholesterol per 3 1/2 oz of meat. Extra lean beef has fewer than 5 g of fat, 2 g of saturated fat and less than 95 mg of cholesterol. Other than red meat: chicken, turkey, cod, and tuna are much healthier and still satisfy my carnage!

I could write an entire blog on the nostalgia behind eating meat, but I will save that for another time. Meat is and has always been a staple for this country and a necessity when trying to maintain my health. There are arguments on both sides, but in the end, with a little discipline and knowledge Carnivorian's can go on enjoying the tradition.


Call the Crops: Recent World Tragedies Increase Food Prices to Levels That Should be Illegal.

As the earth shook and the tides rose, the world was instantly affected. The New York Times reported on March 3, 2011, that according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, imported food prices are at an all time high and they will continue to rise due too elevated crude oil prices, affected by the recent tragedy in Japan, as well as the recent military scuffle in Libya. According to the USDA, in 2010, roughly 36% of the produce consumed in the U.S. was imported. With Libya being the largest oil exporter in the world, supply and demand has begun to rear its ugly face, making this a perfect time to raise the topic of affordable fresh foods.

It is difficult to live within your means when the turns and burns of a distant world directly effect your wallet. In times like these, we have no other choice than to look nearby for affordable ways to eat what we love. On almost every street corner there are farmers markets packed with fresh chow.  In addition, because these local farmers grow, pick, pack, and ship their own product they are modestly effected by oil prices. This allows local farmers to maintain lower prices than the larger grocery stores who account for that 36% of imported goods.

If you visit, you will find a complete list of thousands of farmers markets in your area.

As this difficult winter fades away, a new vibrant spring begins, with it the promise of a new season, a season full of affordable fresh foods that will not handcuff your budget and have you calling for the crops!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Millions celebrate their love on 14 February. This Valentine’s Day we can come together with Interstitial Cystitis and once again plan that romantic dinner for two in the confines of your home. Eating out across this country has become somewhat of an annoyance, leaving many of you with flares and little enjoyment. I created this menu with your hearts and pocket books in mind. Enjoy your company, and enjoy the food!

Valentine's Day Menu

Broiled Lobster Tail

Brown Rice Pilaf

Steamed Asparagus


Red Velvet Cake


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