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Olivaylle Olive Nectar

I admit, the word nectar sounds a little mystifying, as it very well should, then again, this company from Olivaylle Estates in Telopea Downs, Australia, considers their olive nectar to be fit for mythological gods (so it says on their website). I came in contact with Olivaylle’s product a few months back when a customer and I got to talking about Interstitial Cystitis. The gentleman encouraged me to check out his wife's low-acid olive oil.  But before I could, he brought me my very own bottle.

A sexy, sleek counter piece filled with, what I undoubtedly believe to be, the best olive nectar (oil) I have ever tasted. The unique flavor, full-bodied texture, and aromatic tones, make Olivaylle Olive Nectar superior enough to drink. In addition to Olivaylle’s quality, they tout their olive oil for being low in acid, “Other olive oils on the market today classified as extra virgin can have free acidity levels (in plain language: measure of taste and health benefits) up to 0.8. Olive Nectar’s free acidity is only 0.08.” Interstitial Cystitis patients can get behind a product like this.

I recommend using this olive oil in salad dressings and with any cooking application that allows the olive oil to be the star. Incorporating Olivaylle into a dough, or common dishes such as casseroles or mashed potatoes will take away from the traditional flavors we look for in those particular dishes.

Where can you buy this wonderful olive nectar? Copy the link below.

Chamo-Flage - Unique Methods for Chamomile Tea


Stomach pain is nothing new in my home and my wife, once again, spent hours tossing and turning throughout the night in discomfort. I knew come morning I would be running to the store for Chamomile tea.

Although my wife was pleased to see me triumphantly return from the Medicine Man with the appropriate nectar, I knew the pain would remain bothersome for some time. I watched her tear into the tea package and dip the bag as if it had done her wrong, and so I thought, "If Chamomile could unwind a twisted stomach, then maybe it could prevent a flare altogether."

I know from experience that drinking liquids late in the evening increases restroom visits throughout the night. I do not expect anyone with Interstitial Cystitis to slurp down a cup of warm tea every time pain arrives, but incorporating Chamomile into your dinner has proven successful in my home. I am not a doctor, however, our lives are much like your own, and we search for remedies within the diet - provided by the Interstitial Cystitis Association and Interstitial Cystitis Network - to alleviate flares. I developed a wonderful Chamomile Poached Salmon recipe that can be found in our recipe database.

Interstitial Cystitis has kept my wife and me up many nights, and I know the story is the same for you. I try to find new ways to incorporate the same ingredients, and making poaching liquid from tea seems inventive; however, it has been done for centuries. Try the recipe. You may be surprised.

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