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Go Nuts - How to Add Flavor and Texture in A Jiffy

Eating a handful of mixed nuts, or spreading peanut butter on bread is the fast way to satisfy your craving for something nutty. Add honey and a dust of salt and the flavors intensify, becoming even more enjoyable. Whether you like your peanut butter crunchy or smooth there are several other ways to take pleasure in nuts without twisting a cap or using a butter knife. Nuts serve a far greater purpose than to sweeten up a stick of celery, or dehydrate the patrons at the local bar.

When we discuss dishes in the restaurant, we pay special attention to the texture of each dish. Salmon Almondine requires such textures, and memories of Kung Pao chicken would not be the same without fried peanuts.

Besides texture, nuts also have healthy fats that tone down other wise sweet dishes. In addition, when nuts are toasted, they include a smoky deep flavor that can salvage a subtle sauce.

Try storing nuts in full view on the counter top.  Nuts have a tendency to float to the back of a cabinet and we lose sight of their versatility.

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