Dairy Diary - Milk

Although many IC professionals do suggest milk is bladder friendly, many of you are suggesting that it is not. According to the ICA, Lactaid is an acceptable alternative, but products, such as Lactaid, fall short when trying to imitate the creaminess of milk.  Therefore, on my refrigerator door, you will find Lactaid nestled tightly next to the ketchup and mustard, staring at me.

Lactose free milk will never have the natural creaminess that regular milk will have. I recommend you stay away from pouring it over cereal or drinking it from a glass. Nevertheless, I have discovered that you can use lactose free milk in many similar ways as regular milk. How about chicken Alfredo, or pizza made with white sauce. Gravy, and even ice cream can be made right there in your kitchen. Check out the recipe section of our page for more recipes!