Carob Cake Vs. Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

For a true chocolate lover, there is no substitute for the decadence and richness of its flavor. So attempting to mimic its appeal is a losing battle.

Now that we have that out of the way, I’m here to tell you there is no reason why decadence and richness can’t be savored (to some degree) without the use of chocolate. Carob, for instance, is an ingredient often used as an alternative to chocolate. In many cases, simply replacing the chocolate chips or cocoa powder portion of a recipe with carob chips and/or powder will do the trick. Such is the case with, say, a cake. Replacing cocoa powder with carob powder will bridge the gap between these two flavors. The eggs and sugar will continue to moisten and sweeten the cake.

During my carob experiment, I created three cakes from three different recipes. I made the first two cakes without flour (for the gluten free) and using carob chips. These cakes had no volume and very little texture, making the experience unappetizing. I switched to carob powder on cake number 3, and added flour, the outcome was wonderful.

In the end, I find that carob powder is the best substitute for chocolate. Carob chips look great, but once melted; they are more like paste than chocolate, so I suggest using carob chips in cookies and as a topping. Carob is available at any specialty store, and has a shelf life of several months.