Call the Crops: Recent World Tragedies Increase Food Prices to Levels That Should be Illegal.

As the earth shook and the tides rose, the world was instantly affected. The New York Times reported on March 3, 2011, that according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, imported food prices are at an all time high and they will continue to rise due too elevated crude oil prices, affected by the recent tragedy in Japan, as well as the recent military scuffle in Libya. According to the USDA, in 2010, roughly 36% of the produce consumed in the U.S. was imported. With Libya being the largest oil exporter in the world, supply and demand has begun to rear its ugly face, making this a perfect time to raise the topic of affordable fresh foods.

It is difficult to live within your means when the turns and burns of a distant world directly effect your wallet. In times like these, we have no other choice than to look nearby for affordable ways to eat what we love. On almost every street corner there are farmers markets packed with fresh chow.  In addition, because these local farmers grow, pick, pack, and ship their own product they are modestly effected by oil prices. This allows local farmers to maintain lower prices than the larger grocery stores who account for that 36% of imported goods.

If you visit, you will find a complete list of thousands of farmers markets in your area.

As this difficult winter fades away, a new vibrant spring begins, with it the promise of a new season, a season full of affordable fresh foods that will not handcuff your budget and have you calling for the crops!