More Soup For You!

I am excited for all that comes with the Super Bowl. However, the most entertaining element of Super Bowl Sunday is the commercials. Thirty-second clips packed with innuendos and humor used to disguise the reality that everything’s designed to ruin your waistline, especially all the dense soup commercials. I counted five separate companies advertising five separate incentives to eating their product, such as: daily servings of vegetables, a quarter pound of beef, low sodium, vitamins, and the worst, protein. Soup has lost its purpose and is rarely bubbling on our stovetops. If you ask me I would say soup has lost its raison d’être (reason).

When I was a young, soup was no more than Campbell’s chicken noodle. Was there anything better than those soft noodles caressed so delicately by the sodium enriched chicken base? I confess I loved every spoonful of that heart attack brew.  With a few extra turns of the soupspoon, you could scrape all the fat solidified on the edges of the can and watch as it liquefied in the microwave. Are you disgusted yet? Real soup is meant to warm your soul, fill your belly, and leave you feeling satisfied. To pull off such an experience the ingredients must be fresh, and the cooking process must require more energy than pressing the microwaves quick start button.

Our recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup is the perfect way to enjoy the treats of the past without having to worry about the future. Simply browse our recipe section and enjoy!